Sunday, August 21, 2005

A High Tech in a low tech job market

I, with my partners, had to go thought the painful process of closing our company back in June of this year. Being “self” employed I get no help from the state, AKA Unemployment Insurance, so I’ve been looking for a new job since then. Two weeks ago I had to take a job as a “rent-a-cop” just to pay the bills. I’ve had it with all of the people who keep telling me I need to get retrained into high tech.

I am using Monster, Dice, Careerbuilder, Gamasutra, and websites to look for any possible leads. I’ve been a computer programmer for over 30 years now so I should think I have enough experience and I’ve gone and shaved off my beard, it had gone from red to white, so as not to look so old. I have a degree in Political Science (Jurisprudence) with a strong minor (one course short of a dual degree :( ) in History and a degree in Software Engineering. How much more high tech do I need to be?

Finally, I’ve come up with a little prayer, or positive thought for those who don’t want to pray:

“Dear Load, please help me look in the right place to find the job I’m looking for.”

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