Thursday, November 29, 2007

2ND Ammendment Debate

In the last few days I've gotten myself involved in a debate on the 2ND Amendment (US Constitution) on another blog and it has brought into light an issue that needs to be discussed. The point is that the 2d Amendment debate is a political staking horse that is being used to distract the electorate form real constitutional issues.

I feel that the debate on the 2ND Amendment is fundamentally unresolvable at this time because no consensus exists yet. It is my belief that constitutional issues are not resolved until the American people come to a consensus on the issue. An how do we know that a consensus has been reached, that is hard to tell. What is easier to know is when a consensus has yet to be released.

I feel that when people talk past each other, when they endlessly debate what is meant by a phrase or the definition of a word. When you demonize the other side of the debate. This is when a consensus lacking. When you can not agree on what is meant and the definition of the words being used it is like you are speaking different languages and not knowing it. When you demonize the other side you deny the possibility of the validity of their position.

So what is the point I'm tying to make here? Simply this, those of us who want to resolve the 2ND Amendment issue need to strive for a consensus. We need to start with two things, first end the demonetization. Every time you hear someone demonizing the other side call them on it. I recommend ending the debate then and there. Next work for agreement on what the words in the 2ND Amendment mean. Both of these actions will be difficult to accomplish. For far too long all sides have been locked into our current unproductive state. For far too long people have felt that if I just say the same thing I've been saying all along the other side will understand the 'rightness' of it all.

Finally, be ready to be attacked from all sides. Peace makers may be blessed, but far too often they are also martyred.