Sunday, August 21, 2005

A High Tech in a low tech job market

I, with my partners, had to go thought the painful process of closing our company back in June of this year. Being “self” employed I get no help from the state, AKA Unemployment Insurance, so I’ve been looking for a new job since then. Two weeks ago I had to take a job as a “rent-a-cop” just to pay the bills. I’ve had it with all of the people who keep telling me I need to get retrained into high tech.

I am using Monster, Dice, Careerbuilder, Gamasutra, and websites to look for any possible leads. I’ve been a computer programmer for over 30 years now so I should think I have enough experience and I’ve gone and shaved off my beard, it had gone from red to white, so as not to look so old. I have a degree in Political Science (Jurisprudence) with a strong minor (one course short of a dual degree :( ) in History and a degree in Software Engineering. How much more high tech do I need to be?

Finally, I’ve come up with a little prayer, or positive thought for those who don’t want to pray:

“Dear Load, please help me look in the right place to find the job I’m looking for.”

Friday, August 19, 2005

A really good Actor

Has anyone, other then me, noticed just how good an actor G.W. is? He was elected, in part, by telling the electorate that he was “just plain folks”. An lots of them bought it. I’d like to know how someone can be “just plain folks” with his background. He was born into a wealthy family. He brags about how a “C+” student can still succeed and yet he made it into Yale (which in the 60s was asking for 3.9 GPA and be in the upper percentages of the SAT/ACT) by a legacy admit ion. He also got into Harvard Law School, which is, if not the toughest, is one of the top five most exclusive schools in the country. Finally he was able to get into the National Guard during a time that every open slot had several hundred applications.

“just plain folks” NOT

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Take one Constitution and call me in the morning

So here I go, writing down my opinions and observations........

I got a big kick out of lessoning to several of the talking heads this morning explaining how that when the new Iraqi constitution come out tomorrow everything is going to start getting better. Even though it will most likely either be rejected by one side because it will set up a federal state with strong regional power, or it will set up a unitary state with weak regional powers. It will also have problems over wither Islam will be "the" source or "a" source of law. Sounds like the constitution is in for a long hard fight no mater what from it takes.

I wonder if any of the people who got us into this "interesting" situation have given any thought to where we will be if Iraq ends up with a constitution that makes it a strong unitary state with little regional power, that uses Islam as the "the" source of Iraqi law and where women have few if any legal or political rights? Wouldn't this leave us with only one justification for our preemptive war?

WMD: Not there
Attack terrorists: Not there when we started, but there now.
Bring democracy to Iraq: Only if you think Iran is democratically ruled.
Get rid of Sadam: Well, he is in custody. So that could count but he has yet to arraigned or tried.